Super AMoled Display on the Oppo F19 Pro – What Sets It Apart From Other Phones


If you’re wondering which mid-range smartphone might be right for you right now, could wholeheartedly recommend the new Oppo F19 Pro. This device from Oppo has only high praises to share and has actually spent time using it and have just high praise for it, be that the photography capabilities or the advanced quick charging. In fact, it is quite difficult to go anywhere with this phone without finding a use for it. With its 5.5 inch diagonal screen, this device is certainly a sight to behold especially if one decides to use its camera functions. Oppo F19 Pro

This Oppo F19 Pro has all of the features that one would expect from a smartphone in its clas s. The first and foremost feature is its multi touch display that has been found on most high end smartphones these days. Indeed, this Oppo F19 Pro has the largest display yet when it comes to smartphones of its kind. This makes it quite easy to browse the web on the phone and this also enables you to perform some video playback functions as well. What’s more is that the phone also offers you access to your music files as well as your MMS and Bluetooth applications.

When browsing, the Oppo F19 Pro makes great use of its large multi touch display and allows you to browse at a faster speed. It also offers you an excellent portrait mode which gives you the option to take a portrait anytime even in total darkness. Another great feature of this smartphone is that it offers a very high sound clarity and this is especially useful for those who like to listen to their music at night. The battery life of the Oppo F19 Pro is undeniably long and this is attributed to the dual-core processor running underneath the hood of the device. It runs on an efficient combination of power and speed to ensure that you do not face any problems with its operation after using for a period of time.

One of the main reasons why this Oppo F19 Pro gets left out when it comes to powerful smartphones is its lack of rear camera. This can be rectified by buying the special “front-side-up” laser camera case that comes with it. In this rear camera only model of the Oppo F19 Pro, there is no flash installed thus ensuring that your photos are taken in total darkness. This special camera case also offers a 5-point optical zoom and a high pixel resolution.

When it comes to holding the smartphone in your hand, the Oppo F19 Pro manages to combine both ease and efficiency. This is thanks to its oversized 2.5D curved glass screen which acts as a fingerprint scanner. You can simply swipe your finger over the front glass to instantly unlock your phone and start making calls. The power key located at the center of the back can also be easily accessed by tapping the center button. With these buttons you can perform all important tasks like composing emails, browsing internet and checking messages.

An additional advantage of this Oppo F19 is that it offers a super amoled capacitive screen which responds to touch rapidly. With this feature you can conveniently use the phone without having to pinch and touch to bring up the menu. You can also use this feature to surf the net and enjoy an uninterrupted browsing. So with the Oppo F19 Pro you can make sure that you always get crystal clear display and a swift response time.

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