Small Home Appliances

Can you picture yourself in your den living a life without wires? Hair dryers to egg beaters, who say diamonds, are woman’s best friends? Remember the primitive days when your community slogged and toiled to make everyone happy in the family? The less electricity and space consuming devices are indispensable to a modern woman’s existence and especially to single parents (fathers are you listening?). home appliances mobiles

With the coffee makers brewing the strong, frothy, smooth coffee and vacuum cleaners eating up dog’s hair without giving you sneezes the benefits of small appliances are obvious. With Mon Uncle winning best film in 1958 by Jacques Tati, the world knew that the old irksome tasks were soon to be a thing of the past. Electric sewing machines, can openers, hand blenders and knife sharpeners are things your grand mothers could only dream of. Brooms look good only in the witchcraft movies, they must be replaced by handy vacuum cleaners in the real life or we will have a hair pulling stories to tell to our kids.

Don’t be surprised to know that the biggest slum in India Dharavi, where people die of hunger can’t resist these small appliances, as they are easy to maintain and store and consume less electricity. Yes you know that the food is ready when the smoke alarm goes off, thanks to the technical innovation. Need warm water? Try electric kettles. Rice cookers to crispy grilled sandwich makers, mini refrigerators to electric irons, ice cream maker to popcorn-maker, they can be accommodated on any platform from countertops to tabletops. Isn’t it food delicious?

Setting in the trend for convenience life, making each one of us independent and self-sufficient, small appliances have redefined gastronomical glee. You am sure would not want to shed tears because of those annoying onions.



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